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PADA-EL34 パーダ

EL34 triode PP Power amplifier


300B-PP Monaural Power amplifier


Solid-state Pre-amplifier

VIDA Supreme ヴィーダスープリーム

LCR Phono stage amplifier,4CH configurable

VIDA ヴィーダ

LCR Phono stage amplifier, option averrable

VIDA prima ヴィーダプリマ

NF+CR Phono stage amplifier


Balanced drive Headphone amplifier


MC Step-up transformer


Solid-state Pre-amplifier


MM Expander


RIAA Converter



- Powerful driving capability with BTL balanced drive configuration
- Independent L/R block with 4-wire circuit design for excellent sound stage and positioning
- 4-pin XLR and 3-pin XLR, plus ¼” unbalance standard headphone jack accommodate universal application
- Capable of driving various types of headphones covering wide range of sensitivities and impedances by 
  selecting between High-gain and Low-gain position
- Employing four Aurora Amp Modules which take advantage of the best benefits of transistors and JFETs,  
  achieving super-high dynamic range with ultra-low distortion and quiescent level
- Extremely stable power-supply with use of an ultra-low noise/low impedance regulator coupled with a  
   toroidal transformer
- Aluminum chassis encased in a Wooden cabinet exude an aura of mid-century-like dignity
- Machine-tooled/rhodium-plated RCA jacks, Neutrik XLR Connectors, Solid Metal-foot-Insulator, aluminum   
   Knob promote classy appearance of HEADA


Derive the Maximum Potential of Headphones


 The balanced-drive configuration, having an independent
circuit block, one each for L & R, assures no leakages between L & R due to no common-ground design.
It has superb impulse response characteristic with high S/N ratio.
HEADA is equipped with four Aurorasound’s uniquely designed high-performance discrete amp modules in order
to accommodate high-resolution music sources which have wide dynamic range and frequency range.


 The volume control is of pro-use type, manufactured by Tokyo Ko-on Denpa, widely used in recording equipment.
The large size conductive-plastic potentiometer characterizes dB curve, which allows not only a smooth feeling,
but also a precise volume setting even at low-level. It also provides a perfect balance between L/R without gang-errors.
The power supply uses a toroidal transformer and schottky barrier diodes with high-speed and low noise precision power

supply circuit,which effortlessly supports the energy supply base for unprecedented performance of HEADA.


Versatile Design for Any Headphones


 There are two input channels, CH-1 has XLR balanced input as well as RCA connector.
The unit has a through-output terminal which delivers the input signal directly to the output.
The balanced output can accept both 4-pin XLR and 3-pin XLR, also an unbalanced ¼”standard phone
output is provided making HEADA an universal headphone amplifier.


 Unlike speakers, headphones’ impedances and sensitivities vary widely, therefore,
in order to satisfy any type of headphones to guarantee the best performance the maximum output delivers 2Wx2 power,
and gain is selectable between LOW and HIGH. It can drive headphones with impedances from 16Ω to 600Ω.

For your convenience, Aurorasound introduces a manual describing how to modify your headphones to balance type.
It is limited to L/R independent cable output. Please visit Aurorasound home page for more details.



Artists’ Life-like Presence


 The wooden cabinet exudes an aura of mid-century-like dignity, coupled with machine-tooled rhodium-plated RCA jacks,
an extruded aluminum knob, and brass anti-vibration insulator to achieve the ultimate performance without any compromises at all.


 Excellent 3-dimentional sound image, and extremely high speed response permit reproduction of sound from absolute silence
to fortissimo spontaneously. Yet, it returns to absolute quiescence which is attributable to a super-high dynamic range.
Please enjoy the artists’ life-like sound. You can almost grab in your hands the images of musical instruments such as bass and

drums, etc. In addition, you can capture the recording mixing engineers’ intended sound concept with use of HEADA.


                                                  alt                         alt

                                                  HI-Fi News Magazine,  UK                         Audio Accessory Magazine,  Japan

Front Panel

heada front panel


Back Panel

heada back panel




Output power Balance out   2,000mWx2/40Ω, 800mWx2/600
Unbalance out  1,000mWx2/40Ω,   240mWx2/600Ω
THD+N Balance out 0.004%,  unbalance out 0.004%,   1kHz
Input signal , impedance 1Vrms, 47kΩ for CH1 and CH-2
Frequency response 10Hz – 120kHz  -1.5dB
AC power AC100V -120V (50/60Hz)      40W for Japan and USA model
AC220V – 240V                      40W for Europe and Asia countries model
Size W260mm X D250mm x H100mm
Weight 3.5kg
heada system block diagram
internal modules   conductive plastic potentiometer  
alt HD-25-1 II
HD-25-1 II

example of situation using heada


HEADA productr review and listening impression (click here) 



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