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EL34 (6CA7)renowned European tube has superb linearity at Triode connection, PADA adopts this triode and parallel push-pull constriction to have 43W max power per channel. Frontend stage is organized by NEC and Toshiba vintage discrete transistors in order to secure very low noise and low distortion with simple circuit. Interstagetransformer made of FineMetcore material arranges signal path from frontend to drive the final stage power tubes. Output transformers are Sweden madeLundahlthat are no noise leakage dual coil structure, no casing, no dipping open style. Non over-all negative feedback circuit can get rid of counter electromotive force from speakers. Independenttwo powersupply systemfor frontend and final are keeping stabilityin any dynamic range from pianissimo to fortissimo. PADA is new generation hybrid power amplifier that brings out good combination of transistors performance and massive tube sound. Use Telefunken brand EL34 reproduced in Slovakia. Bonnet cover is bundled..




PADA Block Diagram


alt   信号入力部

Lundahl Output Transformer     Telefunken EL34 tube


Input Section,  Support XLR Balance or RCA un-Balance

alt   alt
Plastic Transformer Cover is bundled   Steel Bonnet Cover is bundled
alt   alt
Back side. Gold plating on pure Copper block Speaker terminal
One output support 4ohm to 16ohm speaker impedance
  Top view



Input RCA unbalanced or XLR balanced
Input impedance 56kohm
Max Power 43W+43W  8Ω load
Gain 31dB
Frequency Resp. 20Hz – 30kH,  -1.5dB
THD+N 0.05%      1kHz,at 5W
Noise -114dB,80uV, Input short
Functions RCA/XLR select,    Input MUTE SW 
Vacuum Tubes TELEFUNKEN reproduced, made in Slovakia
Size W340mm x D510mm x H225mm
Weight 23 kg
alt kt150
New production tubes from TelefunkenElectroakustik,
in partnership with JJ Tubes in Slovakia.
Socket to socket compatibility with KT150.
InthecaseofKT150, two tubes per channel.


PADA-EL34 features summary


1. Hybrid construction by Tube and Transistors
     Low noise, Low distortion, Wide range plus massive tube sound.
2. EL34 parallel push-pull with Triode connection, max power 43W+43W
      Superb linearity of  EL34 triode,Enough power for modern low sensitivity speakers.
3. Lundahloutput transformer
     Dual coil structure, wire winding in flat, open structure, no stress.

4. Capability to drive 4ohm to 16ohm Speaker impedance by one output
     No taps for 4,8,16ohm.  Not affected by un-used open winding.

5. NEC and Toshiba vintage Discrete Transistor front end circuits
     Support real XLR balance input or RCA unbalance.

6. Interstagedriver transformer, made ofFineMetcore material
     Arrange good signal path by separating Tube section and Transistor section

7. Non over all negative feedback loop
     Free from counter electromotive force from speakers.  High speed purity sound

8. Independent power regulator for tube section and Transistor section.
     Stable power supply in any dynamic range from pianissimo to fortissimo.

9. Large size EI core power transformer, made in Japan
     High performance regulation

10. Rohm silicon carbide diode for rectifier
      Super low switching noise.  Beautiful pianissimo.

11. High voltage Polypropylene Film capacitors for ripple filter in power regulator
      Long life, good performance in all frequency range.

12. Solid aluminum 8mm top plate wooden body, solid brass foot insulators
      Chassis is constructed by non magnetic substance materials.

13. Plug in compatibility for any brand of EL34
      Self bias circuit, no need to adjust the bias voltage at tube change.

14. Plug in compatibility for KT150.  Two units of KT150 per channel
      Easy to enjoy different sound character.  No need bias voltage adjustment.



                       PADA product review and listening impression (click here)


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